Press release on EUCAP Somalia Legal Maritime Seminar in Mogadishu


26 September 2017

EUCAP Somalia Delivers Legal Maritime Seminar in Mogadishu
On 26 September, Somali Prosecutors and Officers of the Somali Police Force Maritime Police Unit
began a three-day Maritime Legal Seminar in Mogadishu organised by EUCAP Somalia in cooperation

“Cooperation between Police and Prosecutors in the maritime context” and “the Somali Legal System
related to tasks and responsibilities of the Maritime Police Unit” are among the subjects which will
be covered at the seminar. The seminar is part of EUCAP Somalia’s on-going support to help strengthen
cooperation between Somali Maritime Police and Prosecutors.
EU NAVFOR ATALANTA will present its activities and achievements in disrupting and suppressing piracy,
including elements of the legal framework that supports the counter-piracy operation.
This represents the fifth activity in a series of seminars which EUCAP Somalia has organised for the
Maritime Police Unit and Prosecutors’ Office in Mogadishu. The support contributes towards enhanced
cooperation between Somali Prosecutors and Maritime Police and to improved legal knowledge in the
maritime context.
EUCAP Somalia is a civilian EU mission, under the auspices of the Common Security and Defence Policy,
which assists Somalia in strengthening its capacity to ensure maritime security.


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