Request for Construction of Delivery Room for the Balibusle MCH/OPD Clinic


Request for Construction of Delivery Room for the Balibusle MCH/OPD Clinic


The Balibusle MCH/OPD is one of the eight clinics being managed by the Galkayo Branch in the Mudug Region of Puntland and under the Integrated Health Care Programme (IHCP). The clinic serves an estimated  catchment population of 6,900.

The IHCP has in the last decade expanded the range of services to formally include delivery facilities as part of the programme`s contribution to improving the Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) of the country. Somalia ranks as one of the countries with some of the highest Maternal Mortality Rates, Child Mortality Rates (CMR) and Infant Mortality Rates (IMR) globally and in sub-Saharan Africa. Development partners, donors and other actors, including the SRCS have supported the government in enhancing safe motherhood interventions in order to improve these basic health indicators.

The clinic has inadequate delivery facility and as part of the quality improvement strategy for the Integrated Health Care Programme, it is planned to construct a delivery facility at the Balibusle MCH/OPD under the 2018 project. Funding has since been secured for this constructional work to be managed by the Branch with technical support from the Federation in the procurement process together with a contracted engineer to supervise the project. The provision of the delivery room will encourage deliveries with the assistance of skilled health staff as against deliveries at home by Traditional Birth Attendants (TBA) or Community Health Promoters..

The SRCS Galkayo Branch is planning to construct  Delivery room in Balibulse Clinic in Mudug region, so that, SRCS invites bids from the registered contractors to construct Maternity wings. The qualified contractors are invited to obtain the bid documents from SRCS Galkayo Branch Office from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM beginning on 22nd September 2018. The SRCS shall not take any responsibility for any expenses incurred to bidders in connection with the bid preparation. Bidders are responsible for submission of their bids on time and accordance with the instructions provided in the RFP.

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